Two nights. 75 creations from senior stylists, junior stylists, and nail technicians. 224 loyalty awardees. Over 2,000 staff, stylists, VIPs, and special guests from all over the Philippines. The David’s Salon Hairlympix was truly a spectacle like no other. Held last January 21 and 22, 2020 at the Blue Leaf Filipinas, Hairlympix 2020 brought together the David’s Salon community for an evening that celebrated creativity, camaraderie, and excellence. It is the biggest gathering of David’s Salon in its entire history.

There was a total of six categories for Hairlympix 2020. Four categories were open for Senior Hairstylists: Ladies’ Cut and Color by Affinage, with the theme Remix Culture: No Boundaries in Creativity; Majifashion Color and Style category by L’Oreal Professionnel, with theme Parisian Chic; Men’s Cut and Style by Davines, with the theme Men and the City: A Modern Take on the City Look; and Avant Garde, with the theme Havana Nights. Ten finalists of each category walked the runway. Seventeen Junior stylists participated in the Live Cut and Blowdry competition, which was a category last seen almost 10 years ago at the original David’s Salon Hair Show. Finally, a brand new category was created for Nail Technicians: The Nail Art competition. All finalists, as well as activities from the day of the judging, were presented in a video.

Aside from the Hairlympix competition, the evening included special other activities. The program included the 2020 Hair Trends by David’s Salon Academy and Affinage, the Message from the President, Loyalty Awards, and Special Awards.

Congratulations to all the Hairlympix 2020 winners, and a big thank you to every one who participated in this event! We hope everyone had a great time meeting friends, and partying with David’s Salon!