The product? Davines. The challenge? To change Manila’s Manscape! The theme for Men’s Cut and Style category for Hairlympics 2020 is “Men and the City: A Modern Take on the City Look”. According to Davines, “Times are changing and so are men’s hairstyles. In recent years, men have become more creative and fashion-forward with their hairstyles, so much that the best modern cuts for guys are no longer limited to a specific type of hair, length, style or face shape”. Images of a vivacious urban jungle pulsating with life comes to mind for this theme – polished modern skyscrapers that mirror the sky, the high and low contrast of the cityscape, glossy cars in all colors parked along a street, the twists and curves of wide city roads, a night sky made bright with city lights. Modern and futuristic, bold and sleek – men’s hairstyles will never be the same again.


For this category, style must clearly be a men’s style. It should be wearable and fashionable, be it day or night. Hair must be colored, and may be permed or relaxed. Clothes and grooming must complete the total look and complement the hairstyle.


From all the entries, only 10 will be selected to go to the final round. These finalists will be posted on the official David’s Salon Facebook page for online voting. Entries will be judged as follows: Color – 50%, Precision – 20%, Wearability – 10%, Facebook Likes – 5%, and Live Judging – 15%.


The champion of this category will receive P10,000, while the first and second runner up will get P8,000 and P6,000 prize, respectively. All winners will receive a special plaque. There will be seven entries that will be given Honorable Mentions as well, and will be awarded certificates. David’s Salon Hairlympics 2020 will be held on January 21-22, 2020 at the Blue Leaf Filipinas.