Nail art has been steadily growing in popularity, and the impact on salons is very clear. David’s Salon acknowledges that nail art is here to stay by including the first nail art competition for a David’s Salon event – Hairlympics Nail Art Competition, sponsored by Orly, featuring the Nail Builder Gel Extension.


The theme for this category is Havana. Time to sip on Mojitos and Cuba Libres while smoking a Cuban cigar; to enjoy tropical fruits and lush green topical leaves and flowers. Dance the salsa in like no one is watching, in bright, flouncy dresses or in a fedora paired with an iconic guayabera. Part of the charm of the city are the vintage cars – will you ride a convertible Chevy, Pontiac, or Studebaker? Will they take inspiration from the red, blue, and white flag of Cuba? Or the famous, postacard-worthy colorful colonial buildings of Old Havana? Only a nail technician’s creativity is the limit!


For this category, every detail will be closely looked at. Nail technicians who will enter the category must take care with their entries. Nails must be consistent and uniform shape. Materials (stripers, paints, color, powders, glitters) must be creatively and artistically used. The theme and chosen colors must complement and be continuous throughout all the nails, and yet have interesting contrasts as well. Composition must also be observed, bearing in mind that nails must individually represent the theme but still look like a coherent design when all the parts and pieces are put together.


Nail technicians will create their entries live on January 7, with a competition at the David’s Salon Head office, and live streaming for provincial candidates. All entries will be uploaded on the official David’s Salon Facebook account, and likes on the posts will be included in the final judging. Entries will be judged based on the degree of difficulty of the design, creativity, originality, quality of the work, and how the theme was presented based on the design. Criteria for judging is as follows: Color is 25%, precision is 20%, creativity is P25%, wearability is 10%, Facebook likes is 5%, and overall impact is 15%.


From all the entries, only 10 will be selected as finalists. From there, three winners will be awarded – Champion gets P10,000 prize, 1st runner up gets P8,000, while the 2nd runner up gets P6,000 cash. All winners will be given a plaque. Aside from this, seven honorable mentions will be selected and awarded certificates. David’s Salon Hairlympics 2020 will be held on January 21-22, 2020 at the Blue Leaf Filipinas.