In music, a remix is a new version of a musical piece which was created by changing how the elements of a recording are combined together. It could be a change in instruments, beats, vocals, but the result is the same – a remix is gives a fresh sound to an old track. Affinage is taking the term to a whole new level by setting the theme “Remix Culture: No Boundaries in Creativity” as the theme to the David’s Salon Hairlympics 2020 Ladies’ Cut and Color category. It is all about changing how one views hairstyling, and putting them together to create something new. “Affinage Infiniti Remix Culture should bring together old, current, and future color trends in one head application. A colour remix is a new version of creative hair coloring, a collaboration which is created by putting together individual styles, methods, and techniques in a different way,” says Affinage Technical Director Nikk De Dios Manalo.


There are a few guidelines for stylists to create the perfect entry to this category. Hair must be stylish, fashionable. Only Affinage products must be used for coloring and lightening, and the cut and color must be a mix of new styles and techniques. The hair should have movement, not stiff, and may be permed. To complete the look, makeup and clothes must be complement the hairstyle.


Entries will be judged live at the David’s Salon Head Office, and only 10 entries will be selected as finalists. Photos of the 10 Finalists will be uploaded to the official David’s Salon Facebook account for online voting. Final criteria for judging is as follows: Color is 25%, precision is 20%, creativity is P25%, wearability is 10%, Facebook likes is 5%, and overall impact is 15%.


The Grand champion will get Php10,000 cash, while the 1st runner up gets Php8,000, and the 2nd runner up, Php 6,000. All the winners will take home a plaque. There will also be 7 entries that will be awarded as Honorable Mentions, and will be given special certificates.


Remix Culture is here – time to be inspired from the past, claim the present, and look forward to the future. David’s Salon Hairlympics 2020 will be held on January 21-22, 2020 at the Blue Leaf Filipinas.