Hair Stylists


Affinage Global Artistic Director Truc Le conducted a coloring seminar called “Evolution: The Life of Color” at the David’s Salon Head Office. The seminar was divided into two parts: a coloring consultation seminar in the morning, and a customer service seminar in the afternoon. Originally scheduled only with a 4-day run from October 1-4, the seminar gathered overwhelming interest and support that a 5th day was arranged and conducted on Oct 7. Organized by David’s Salon Academy and Affinage Philippines, in partnership with Affinage Australia, the activity was attended by over 500 stylists nationwide, making it the biggest training seminar in the history of David’s Salon.

The first part focused on technical aspects of hair coloring. Aside from the correct mixing and application of color, concepts such as the Color Star and Underlying Pigment were discussed thoroughly. New Affinage colors were also discussed: the cool-toned Velvet Collection (blue, green and violet shades), the warm-toned Coffee Collection (red, orange, and yellow shades). Techniques on applying new lightening products and toners were also shared. To place these concepts and colors in a real-world salon setting, there were 1-3 live models whose hair was analyzed and colored on-the-spot, and 3 pre-done models donning the new colors were presented to the attendees. To explain how color has evolved, Le explains “there were only 10 tubes in the past when we first started color; color was only level 1 to 10, with no fashion colors. Now there are hundreds of hundreds of color palettes. The life of color is this – how the color has evolved to this point. We understand how David’s Salon always pushes boundaries. As a color company, (Affinage) creates tools and colors that support that business.”

The second part discussed client service. Le says, “(In a salon) it is 70% about the customer being satisfied about the service and it’s only 30% on the skills. No matter how amazing you are with hair, if the client is not happy with the way you provide service, they will not come back.” Thus, he focused on how to provide a better outcome from salon visits and how to properly communicate with clients. Le further explained what clients expect from hairdressers. The key was to not just give good service, but to give excellent and exceptional service.

Affinage Technical Director Nick Manalo worked side-by-side with Le to create the looks for the models and assist with the seminar to further contextualize it in a Philippine setting. He says of Le, “Truc is talented, humble, and very easy to work with. He shares a lot of techniques and ideas, and he also allows us to contribute our ideas as well – it is a real collaboration. For the 4 days that we have worked together, it feels like we have worked together for decades already because we easily get each other.”