David’s Salon staff from all over Metro Manila successfully attended and completed a brand-new training module that focused on customer service, manners, and correct conduct in a modern salon setting – the David’s Salon Academy Client Sensitivity Seminar. A good balance of senior stylists, junior stylists, nail technicians, salon beauty consultants, and salon managers were present in each batch. The trainings were given to a batch of no more than 25 people, and held every Thursday of September – four days, from 9am to 5 pm. Mr. Arnold Sevillena, David’s Salon Senior Stylist and David’s Salon Academy Administration Manager, led the training and conducted the new training module.


A team from David’s Salon Academy conceptualized this new module. Sevillena, Director Lorna Sandoval, and Creative Director Laura Charlton found out that most client complaints are not about the service but about the attitude of the staff, and the group realized the new challenges that salon staff faces every day. They brainstormed what the Academy can do to equip them with the right tools to address these issues. While the Academy is focused on technical hairdressing skills, it cannot be denied that it takes more than just good hairdressing to make a standout salon. Thus, they conceptualized a module that would focus on soft skills – abilities that enable good relationships, communication, and interaction with other people. That module is now the Client Sensitivity Seminar. Sevillena, who crafted the module, says, “We want to improve the customer service, but the seminar’s main focus is really you, as a person, dealing with other people, and having good manners.”


The module will be analyzed and further developed based on the feedback of the attendees. Plans to conduct this module nationwide are underway. Stylists and staff who are technically excellent and emotionally intelligent – that is the goal of David’s Salon Academy.