Do you have chipped or broken nails? Short, stubby nails? Do your nails take too long to grow? Or do you just love having fashionable long nails? David’s Salon now has an affordable and safe answer! Get the Gel Nail Extensions – it will make your nails look fabulous and flawless in a just a few quick, clear swipes!


Gel Nail Extensions uses Orly GELFX Builder in a Bottle, a safe and easy-to-use nail extensions system with no harmful chemicals. A clear, gel-based extension results to a nail that is neither too soft nor too hard, but is a perfect, comfortable texture to wear. The nail shape is customized to get the nail that is just right for you – it is all up to you on how long or short your extension will be, and the extension will also be shaped and filed to your nail’s natural shape. The extension also has a very clear transparent finish, so it is the perfect blank canvas for any polish or nail art. You can use regular or gel polish too!


Once the extensions are attached to your nail, it is very easy to maintain. It grows with your nail, and can be refilled at just the cuticle area to even it out. Tired of your extensions? You can have it removed at the salon, where the well-trained nail technicians will do it properly and with care.


Let David’s Salon make your nail dreams come true. Get your Gel Nail Extensions now!