Do you know that it takes over three years and at least 133 days of training before a David’s Salon stylist can cut or color your hair? David’s Salon Academy, the training arm of David’s Salon, conducts a strict training program for any staff with a goal of becoming a Senior Stylist.


The staff will have to undergo 4 levels of training – Junior 1, Junior 2, Junior 3, and Intensive Training. The J1 level is a 15-day long program where students are taught how to properly give a shampoo, blowdry, massage, and hot oil. Since these are very basic salon skills that will be used for a wide variety or clients, these are the first to be taught, and are honed through hours of practice with live models at the Academy. The J2 level has 12 days of training, all of which are dedicated to the correct application of hair color. This is done so the Juniors can better assist Senior Stylists for this popular salon service. The J3 level is a 56-day comprehensive hairdressing course. It includes training for Ladies’ Cutting, Men’s Cutting, Coloring Analysis, Perming, and Rebonding. After each training, Junior Stylists return to their regular salon duties in their assigned branches.


The final course is the Intensive Training. Aside from further enhancing hairdressing skills, the goal of the 50-day program is to exercise the stylist in analytical and critical thinking. Since they will be responsible for deciding what steps to be taken to address all the client’s needs, they are taught to think independently and apply all their hairdressing knowledge in a practical setting. All topics from the J3 level are reviewed and further discussed. Advanced modules are also taught, such as Combination Services (i.e. cut and color, color and rebonding) and Color Analysis. Live models are used for the Intensive training, as the Academy believes that practice and experience go hand-in-hand with theory classes to properly equip a stylist. After this level, congratulations! After years of meticulous training at the Academy and hard work at the salon, the Junior Stylist is finally a Senior Stylist.


The David’s Salon Academy aims to provide stylists with excellent and ample training that allows them to become the best stylists in the industry, and to bring out the best in their clients.