Hair Styles


The weather nowadays is so unpredictable. It can be rainy and cool in the morning then suddenly hot and sunny in the afternoon, or vice versa! There are so many things that could bother you in times like this, like what to wear or bring. David’s Salon Academy is here to give you one less thing to worry about: how to manage your hair during mixed weather days!


Always bring hair clips and head bands

Accessorize! Be prepared to change your hairstyle as the dips in temperature and humidity in the air will affect the texture of your hair. Grab a few cute clips to tame that frizz or get those bangs in place, or don a headband for an instant preppy look!



Choose simple hair styles

When the weather changes, your messy chignon might go from pretty to icky! Some styles rely on teasing and volume, and these might go flat in an instant when it starts to rain. Sleek, smooth, and easy styles, like a simple ponytail or low bun – will keep you looking polished through the day, no matter the weather.



Dry your hair very well

When it’s hot, your scalp becomes sweaty. When it rains, your hair traps moisture. Wet scalp and hair becomes prone to germs and bacteria, so no matter the weather, always keep your hair and scalp as dry as possible.


Use a wide-tooth comb

A comb is the tool that works best, whether it’s sunny or rainy. Rainy days bring about too much humidity, and a wide-tooth comb can properly untangle your damp hair without the damage and pulling that a brush might do. Hot days can bring about static or extra oily hair, and a comb can avoid static and spreading oil to your hair.


Don’t tie wet hair

When your hair gets wet from rain, it’s so easy to just tie it up and forget about it. But doing so will trap moisture in your scalp, which promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi, and may even cause it to smell bad! So always dry your hair first before tying it. If you must absolutely have to though, tie it very loosely.


Keep your hair in tip-top shape

When your hair is in great shape, it will be easier to take care of it no matter the weather. Dry, damaged hair might get more damaged in the sun, or get frizzy with humidity. Get the correct treatments at the salon for your hair, and be ready to face any weather with confidence.


Choose your products well

A hardworking product applied correctly will get you the most mileage during mixed weather days. Short hairstyles will benefit from a good styling product that will keep their hair in place all day – like the David’s Salon pomade, wax, or hair clay. Humidity makes straight hair limp, so a mousse-type product, like the Affinage Black Ice Styling Souffle, will give volume. Apply a little soufflé right to the roots to give instant lift and hold. The Styling Souffle will also work great with curly hair, as it keeps the curls in place without weighing hair down. A light smoothing cream will also help curly hair get less frizzy during rainy days.