Everyone needs to conserve water, but that is not an excuse to forget hygiene and grooming. David’s Salon Academy shares professional tips, with Creative Director Laura Charlton and Training Manager Arnold Sevillena revealing how to get great hair, and save water while doing it!

1. You don’t have to wash your hair everyday
It is actually beneficial to not wash your hair daily, as this may strip hair’s natural moisture and balance. This especially works for chemically processed hair, like those that have gone through coloring, perming, or rebonding. Charlton says, “it’s better to not wash processed hair every day. You’re not going to over process hair by blow drying too much, you’re not going to dry out the hair by just using shampoo.”

2. Get the correct wash and wear haircut
The correct cut will not only look great, but will also complement and work with your hair type, making it more manageable. Now is also the best time to chop off those locks! Sevillena says, “try short hair, it’s more wash and wear!” It’s as good a season as any to try a trendy short ‘do.

3. Wash your hair thoroughly, properly
Charlton shares, “the problem is, people will think, I’m just going to shampoo today, just to clean my hair, because I won’t wash my hair every day. But that’s wrong. It should be shampoo and conditioner if you’re not going to wash for a long time,” Charlton shares. “However, use conditioner properly. Don’t put the conditioner at your scalp – put it 2 inches away from your roots to prevent any extra oils going onto the scalp. Just apply it to the midlengths and ends only,” she adds.

4. Have a system
Charlton suggests going through a “style system”. “A girl can go through 3-4 days without washing her hair if she’s changing her style each day. Go through the system of straight, to texture, to upstyle. Start with a wash and blowdry on day 1. The next day, you can put a wave or curl on your hair. The following day, do a low ponytail with a quiff, then after that do a high bun.” “If your hair is long, always carry a good ponytail or clip, and find a good updo hairstyle that suits you. Messy buns are on-trend, and it’s less effort too,” Sevillena adds.

5. Plan your activities
Make sure to sync your daily activities with your grooming schedule. If you have strenuous activities or special occasions, schedule your wash days around it. As an example, Sevillena says, “if you go to the gym, you can schedule your workout on the day you wash your hair.”

6. Stop touching your hair
“Keep your hands off your hair”, Charlton says, “the natural oils that are in your hands will transfer and can cause an excess of oil.” No hair flipping or hair touching while looking at your crush, then. A small price to pay for clean hair!

7. Dry your hair before going out
When it’s hot, humid, and there is no water, you should avoid going out. Sevillena says, “if it’s possible, stay indoors! When you are always out, dust and pollution will cling to your hair.” However if you absolutely must go out, make sure your hair is dry. Charlton explains, “if your hair is wet and you go outside, it’s going to absorb all the smells and pollution, and it’s going to be there for the next few days. But when your hair is dry, it’s not absorbent because the cuticle is already closed, so you don’t absorb as much.”

8. Be very picky with your hair products
You may be tempted to use more products to compensate for the lack of washing, but this should not be the case. Some products might actually trigger oil production and attract dust. Charlton says, “keep your products at a minimum to avoid greasy hair.” Sevillena adds, “if you need product, you may use the extra product towards the end of the week.” Pro tip: Read labels, and go natural. Sevillena advises to “use water-based products.” Charlton says,”you don’t need any masks or oil moisturizers. Use more cleaners, and use sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo. “The more natural the products, the better,” Sevillena remarks.