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David’s Salon Academy Trains with Jessica Kramm

Trainors at the David’s Salon Academy proved that there is always room for further education as they completed a 5-day training seminar under renowned Vidal Sassoon hairdresser and educator Jessica Kramm. From Feb 4-8, 2019, ten trainors got hands-on training for Kramm’s Basic Cutting Seminar.

The ten trainors who attended this activity were Laura Charlton, Ricci Conde, Arnold Sevillena, Homer Batongbakal, Lhen Doroteo, Nick Manalo, Melvin Maestre, Alexies Calugay, Eva Marie Tino, and Jeremy Pulongbarit. They were re-oriented with the fundamentals of haircutting in the highly technical seminar. There was emphasis on shapes, such as square, round, and triangle. Modern graduation, lines, and layering techniques were also shared by Kramm. They were hands-on with the haircutting of models, which allowed them to have practical and insightful lessons. “The lessons are basic and practical, but what makes it difficult is the execution of the techniques. It’s a highly disciplined approach,” says David’s Salon Academy Manager Arnold Sevillena, “and it validates what we have been practicing as hairdressers.” As they were a small group, the classes were intimate and candid, and at the end of the seminar the stylists not only improved their skills, but also enhanced their camaraderie and friendship as colleagues.


“At whatever stage you are – junior, senior stylist, trainor – you need to learn new things or be refreshed with the basics.” explains Ms. Lorna Sandoval, head of David’s Salon Academy. “This seminar teaches a method of cutting hair that is very technical and precise. You are made mindful of details like the elevation of hair and hands, and even your position standing up. You are made aware of the shapes that you are cutting, of the designs that you are making. All in all, if you know the principles of a good haircut, you will always give a good haircut,” she concludes.

Jessica Kramm was the Creative Director of the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Shanghai, China from 2004 to 2017. She started her hairdressing career as an apprentice in Vidal Sassoon Berlin in 1995. In 2017, she started her own hairdressing practice with Jessica Kramm Hair Education and Consultancy, and has been traveling and sharing her skills and knowledge to stylists around the world.