David’s Salon Write-Up — For PLTL 2018

“Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do, We Bring Out The Best In You!”

David’s Salon has just innovated on their DS (David’s Salon) Hair Products to consistently live out and reinforce this Tagline. So, whether it’s Ms. Pia Wurtzbach, Team David’s Salon Members, thousands of Filipina Customers/Patrons, or the Philippine Ladies Tennis League (PLTL) Members, David’s Salon will ensure you always look (and feel) your best!

The New DS Hair Products will always “moisturize, strengthen, and nourish your Hair (not to mention treat it, if needed). Talk about “Beauty And Empowerment” at its finest! David’s Salon will truly and forever “Bring Out The Best In You”!

See for yourself when you get your hands on these exciting New Hair Products. Find out how they will revolutionize and change the way you clean and condition your Crowning Glory (which goes well with your Tennis Tournament Glory — PLTL Event or Otherwise) — not to mention remedy or treat any dry, dull, or damaged hair you may possibly have now or in the future (maybe from too much training on Outdoor Courts?)!

Check out the New David’s Salon Video in Still Photos (proper sequence as attached) and see why these Ladies (and surely the PLTL Ladies, too) feel good, giddy, and empowered — whether they walk the:

a) Streets of our Central Business Districts or Corporate Floors of their Offices to win in their Corporate Jungles, or
b) Roads leading to their favorite David’s Salon Branch to fix their hair / pamper themselves, or
c) Lanes going to their favorite Bars / Leisure Hangouts with Friends to show off their David’s Salon Hairstyle or catch up on the latest
David’s Salon Beauty Tips!

So, keep yourselves posted. Watch for the Official Launch of the New David’s Salon Website and DS Hair Products:

1) Plant-Derived Conditioning Shampoo Plant-Derived Conditioning Shampoo
– “All-Natural, Enriched with Aloe Vera & Peppermint, Sulfate and Paraben-Free”; ”
– “Cleanses and conditions hair, Soothing Natural Shampoo”
– “Contains organic Aloe Vera that is suitable for all hair types of hair and Enzymes that repair dead skin cells on the scalp”
– “Promotes hair growth and prevents itching on the scalp

2) Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner
– “Both Paraben- and Sulfate-free
– “Natural shampoo and conditioner set which are most gentle on all Hair Types
– “With Lychee extract that leaves a refreshing fruity scent while protecting your hair color.”
– “Has environment-friendly, all-natural, and biodegradable ingredients. Lathers and foams well, unlike other sulfate-free products
– “Enhanced with Moringa Oil — improves the hair and scalp by moisturizing, strengthening, nourishing while reducing split ends
and dandruff”

3) Damage Remedy Treatment Set
– “Contains Three (3) powerful ingredients to repair your damaged hair:
a) Argan Oil, which reverses damage done by harsh, artificial chemicals
b) Keratin, a naturally-occurring hair protein which gives hair strength and elasticity and
c) Collagen, which prevents hair loss and keeps your hair strong as it grows long”
– “Great Hair Therapy and Repairs Hair Naturally — from your scalp to your hair fibers”

“Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do, We Bring Out The Best In You!” (Read:”Empowering Us Through Beauty and Style!”) — what Slogan can be more apt?